Good And Broken 1.02 “Something Wrong”

Jonah & Jasmine: [enter the school building]
Kaylie: [waves at Jonah, smiling]
Jonah: [sees Kaylie and takes off to his first class]
Kaylie: Jasmine?
Jasmine: Yeah?
Kaylie: Is Jonah mad at me or something?
Jasmine: Nah. Not that I know of.
Kaylie: [sighs] I feel like he’s been avoiding me for quite some time now!
Jasmine: I’m sure it’s nothing! [smiles reassuringly]
Kaylie: I hope you’re right. [walks off]
Jasmine: [sighs]
Ashleigh Hart: What’s wrong, Jazzy J?
Jasmine: [laughs] Don’t call me that.
Ashleigh Hart: You crazy bitch. [laughs] You slept with Isaac.
Jasmine: [eyes widen] He told you?
Ashleigh Hart: He didn’t have to. [laughs] But you just confirmed it.
Jasmine: Dammit! [sighs]
Ashleigh Hart: You don’t seem too happy about it.
Jasmine: That’s because I’m not! [sighs]
With Noelle……
Noelle: [smiling, walking to her locker]
Violet: [notices Noelle] Hello there. [smiles]
Noelle: [smiles] Oh. Hello. Um…who are you?
Violet: I’m Violet, and you must be new here.
Noelle: [laughs] What gave it away?
Violet: We don’t get new students that often.
Noelle: Oh…Well, I’m Noelle. Noelle Goods.
Violet: It’s nice to meet you, Noelle.
With Nick……
Nick: [walks into the gym]
Ricky: [notices Nick] Are you Nick Goods?
Nick: [chuckles] Who’s asking?
Ricky: Do you know a girl named Heather?
Nick: Yeah. Why?
Ricky: She’s my girlfriend.
Heather: And is so happy that you’re going here now! [hugs him]
Nick: Hi, Heather. How’ve ya been?
Heather: I’ve been better. [smiles] What about you?…I know you just moved back.
Nick: So far, so great.
Stewart, Nate, Shane, Jason, & Caleb: [comes in the gym] Um, who are you?
Nick: Nick. Nick Goods.
Stewart: I’m Stewart Bolton.
Nate: I’m Nate Claus.
Shane: I’m Shane Micheals.
Jason: I’m Jason Crosby.
Caleb: And I’m Caleb Cameron.
Nick: Well it’s nice to meet you all. I was hoping to try out for football.
Ricky: Are you any good?
Nick: I think I am.
Ricky: Then prove it, Schmidt.
Heather: Ricky, be nice to him! [hits him] He’s my friend. And his name is Nick, not Schmidt!
With Jonah & Jasmine…
Jasmine: JONAH!
Jonah: [walking away from Jasmine]
Jasmine: JONAH! I know you can hear me!
Jonah: [walking away from Jasmine, faster than before]
Jasmine: [catches up to him & slaps him] Next time you wanna ditch your girlfriend, don’t leave her with me. [sighs] I’m tired of lying for you. Either you dump her or you stay with her. But don’t leave her with me, Jonah! [walks away from him]
Jonah: Shit!
With Noelle……
Noelle: [walking to the school’s library]
Kate Kingsley: So then I was all, “That’s so not gonna happen at my party!” But it totally did!
Matilda Humphreys: But the worst part was Evan.
Beth Sinclair: Totally the worst. It’s like he just wanted a low-bag skank!
Noelle: Hello, ladies. I’m Noelle. [smiles at them]
Beth Sinclair: Ok. Um…Hi, Noelle. Are you like lost or something?
Noelle: No. It’s actually my second day here.
Matilda Humphreys: How cute. [smiles] Are you a freshman?
Noelle: Yeah. But my brother Nick is a senior.
Beth Sinclair: That’s so cute. [curious] Is he single?
Matilda Humphreys: [nudges Beth]
Beth Sinclair: What?
Matilda Humphreys: [whispers] Cut it out!|
Kate Kingsley: [fake smiles] Is this your first time going to public school?
Noelle: [smiles] No. I’m just a happy and blessed girl.
Kate Kingsley: [yawns] Your happiness annoys me!
Noelle: [laughs] Um, ok.
Kate Kingsley: [rolls her eyes] Because you don’t know us, I’m gonna let your inadequate charm and quirkiness slide. [scoffs] But do remember to stay the hell away from us, in the near future.
Beth Sinclair: You don’t have to be so mean to her. She’s just a freshman.
Matilda Humphreys: Yeah. Cut her some slack, Kate.
Kate Kingsley: Fine. [stares Noelle up & down] But she’s still a loser! [walking away]
Matilda & Beth: [follow Kate]
Violet: Don’t mind them. They’re “populars”!
Noelle: [laughs] Well their reps aren’t scaring me!
With Jasmine……
Jasmine & Ashleigh: [working on a class assignment together, laughing]
Isaac Daniels: [walks over to them & kisses Jasmine on the lips]
Jasmine: [pulls away] What the hell was that?
Isaac Daniels: Just saying hi to my girlfriend.. [kisses her cheek]
Ashleigh Hart: [senses the tension between the two] You should probably go. You know how she gets when class is running. [fake laughs]
Isaac Daniels: Um, ok. [leaves their table & takes a seat at his own desk]
Jasmine: [mouths “Thank you.”]
With Jonah……
Jonah: [pacing back & forth]
Kaylie: [sees Jonah] There you are. [smiles] I’ve been looking for you everywhere!
Jonah: Why?
Kaylie: So that we can talk, silly Billy. [laughs]
Jonah: There’s no easy way to say this.
Kaylie: To say what? [starts to get worried]
Jonah: [sighs] I’m breaking up with you.
Kaylie: What? [scoffs] You can’t be serious!
Jonah: But I am.
Kaylie: You will rue the day you ever dumped me, Jonah Miller!
Jonah: [smiles as he watches her walk away]
Jasmine: [walks over to him] How’d it go?
Jonah: She took it better than I thought.
Jasmine: But knowing her, she won’t go down without a fight.
With Nick……
Nick: [walks over to bleachers, after playing football with the guys]
Ricky: Good game.
Nick: Thanks. [takes a towel & wipes off some sweat]
Ricky: So how do you know Heather?
Nick: We’ve been friends since we were 5.
Ricky: Well, she should’ve told me that you were a great quarterback.
Nick: Does that mean I made the team?
Ricky: It looks that way. [walks away]
Noelle: [walks over to her brother] Did you make the team?
Nick: [nods]

Good And Broken 1.01 “Brand New Day”

Noelle: Mom? Dad?
Mrs. & Mr. Goods: Yes?
Noelle: Do I have to go to the same school as Nick?
Mrs. Goods: Yeah. Afraid so.
Mr. Goods: Think of him as a guide to Washington High.
Nick: I’m not gonna be her babysitter, dad.
Noelle: I’m 14, I don’t need a babysitter.
Mrs. Goods: [laughs] Your brother’s still gonna look out for you though.
Noelle: Fine.
Nick: Fine.
Mr. Goods: Think of it as a bonding exercise.
Nick & Noelle: [look at eachother, then start laughing]
Mrs. & Mr. Goods: [look at them both confused] What?
Nick: I don’t know, it’s just funny. [laughs]
Noelle: Yeah. [laughs] Nick and I don’t need bonding exercises.
Mrs. Goods: Then just look out for one another. Starting a new school can get stressful.
Nick & Noelle: Ok, mom.
With Jonah & Jasmine……
Jasmine: [sighs]
Jonah: What’s wrong, Jas?
Jasmine: Mom’s still out, and the rent is due tomorrow morning.
Jonah: Don’t you have some money?
Jasmine: I did until we needed to not starve. [laughs, then sighs]
Jonah: I see your point. [sighs] What are we gonna do, Jas?
Jasmine: I don’t know. [fills a cup with water, takes a sip] Ask around, or get a loan.
Jonah: Playing with more fire just doesn’t sound like a good idea. [sighs]
Jasmine: Then look around for a job. [puts the cup on the counter & makes her way to the living room]
Nick: [following her] Are you sure you can’t help?
Jasmine: I can try, but it’s not looking too good. [puts her work uniform’s hat on]
Jonah: Alrighty then. I’ll see what I can do.
With Noelle……
Noelle: [on her cellphone with Abigail]
Abigail Lerner: Have you started school yet?
Noelle: Nope. [sighs] But it’s about time. I miss the workload.
Abigail Lerner: [giggles] You sound like a crazy person. How can you honestly miss school?
Noelle: I don’t know, I  just do. [giggles] But I’ll definitely miss having you around.
Abigail Lerner: I’m just a county away. Well technically 2. But you can still visit.
Noelle: True. [sighs]
Abigail Lerner: What’s wrong, Noey?
Noelle: We’re going to mom and dad’s old High School. Who knows how much it’s changed.
Nick: [knocks on her door] Mom made dinner! You better come down, or I won’t save you any!
Noelle: I gotta go. Bye, Abby!
Abigail Lerner: Bye, Noey!
Noelle & Abigail: [hang up their phones]
Noelle: [makes her way downstairs]
With Jasmine……
Jasmine: [arrives into the burger building, clocks in & makes her way to the kitchen]
Isaac Daniels: You’re late!
Ashleigh Hart: What happened to you? [gasps] Did you get into some kind of trouble?
Jasmine: Yeah, a little bit. [making some burgers] I had to walk like 15 dogs to make some extra cash. [sighs] Tomorrow’s rent day.
Ashleigh Hart: Rent day is the worst! [making french fries] Do you need some money?
Jasmine: Are you offering or asking? [flips the burgers]
Isaac Daniels: [slips $550 into her pocket] Does that answer your question?
Jasmine: Thanks. [smiles] But I can’t accept it.
Isaac Daniels & Ashleigh Hart: And why not?
Jasmine: Because then I’d owe you, and Jonah’s gonna be pissed about it.
Isaac Daniels: Consider it a gift. [fixes up an order]
Jasmine: I’ll only accept it if I NEVER, ever ever have to pay it back!
Isaac Daniels: Deal. [walks out the kitchen]
Ashleigh Hart: He’s so in love with you. [making kissy noises, while making fries]
Jasmine: Shut up. [laughing, making more burgers]
With Jonah……
Jonah: [walks into Violet’s backyard] Vi?
Violet: Let me guess…It’s rent day tomorrow, your parents are gone, you’re totally screwed, and you need some money?
Jonah: How’d you know?
Violet: This happens every month. [sighs] I loan you money. You never pay me back. You try to make it up to me by giving me some alone time with Nate and you also give me some form of dessert. [sighs] I’m sorry but I can’t help you.
Jonah: Please? [puppy dog pouts]
Violet: I can’t. [frowns] You’ve screwed me over too many times.
The next morning……
Jasmine: [sitting at the dining table, eating breakfast]
Jonah: [walks into the room] I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get any money.
Jasmine: That’s ok, Jonah. [eating her breakfast]
Jonah: No, it’s not. How can we pay the rent if I’ve got nothing?
Jasmine: [takes a sip of coffee] It’s been taken care of.
Jonah: Really? How so?
Jasmine: I got help from a friend. [drinking her coffee]
Jonah: [curious] What friend?
Isaac Daniels: [comes out of the kitchen & places a kiss on Jasmine’s cheek]
Jonah: Seriously? [rolls his eyes]
Jasmine: Hey! He helped us out, and the rent is paid. So shut up!
With Noelle……
The Goods Family: [eating breakfast with one another]
Nick & Noelle: [finish eating] Thanks for the wonderful meal, mom.
Mrs. Goods: You’re very, very welcome!
Noelle: So who’s driving us to school?
Mrs. & Mr. Goods: [look at eachother] You. Me? I thought you were?
Nick: We’ll just take the bus then.
Mr. Goods: Ok. [gives them both some bus fare] But remember-
Nick & Noelle: [cuts him off] Bonding exercise, look out for one another, try not to get stressed out? Got it. [put their coats on & leave their house]
With Jonah & Jasmine……
Jonah & Jasmine: [on their way to school, in Jasmine’s car]
Jonah: I can’t believe you slept with him!
Jasmine: [driving] Shut the fuck up!…He’s not a bad guy!
Jonah: But you don’t even like him. [laughs] You just gave him some, cause he gave you some.
Jasmine: Our rent is paid, and we have food and groceries in our house. So stop complaining and just relax. [parks her car outside the school]
Jonah: [sees Violet, Nate, Noelle, & Nick] New kid alert!
Jasmine: [looks at Noelle, then Nick] Yeah.
Nick & Noelle: [walk into the school building together]

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